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Style, professionalism, reliability, are just some of the qualities Touring Car limousine service transmits to each customer, right from the first contact giving a reassuring sensation of efficiency that only a leading company in its field can guarantee.

With bilingual drivers, more than 50 cars to match every need, either diplomatic or tourist, based especially on comfort and prestige, Touring Car limousine service is currently fast becoming the choice for every large company or institution.

With Touring Car limousine service you only have to know your destination, communicate it to "your" driver and... relax! You will peacefully reach your destination, avoiding the stress of looking for a taxi, traffic jams in an unknown city or parking problems. When you are ready to leave, "your" limousine will be waiting for you at the time agreed upon. You can simply concentrate on the motive of your journey.

We are very proud to be the trusted choice by leader companies of all kinds, among which are Alitalia, Eni Group, Unioncamere and various Public Companies; furthermore Touring Car limousine service is often the choice of Diplomats and Government leaders, for example President Clinton, Bush, Mubarak and other Public Figures, all of which have found a reason for renewing their faith in our organization.

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